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Joe’s Views and Commentary
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Slang no longer allowed?

August 12th, 2013

According an article (Aug.11 by N.Bita,) we should adopt our language to make migrants understand us better. They seem to object to slang which is part of Australian folklore. What a heap of rubbish! We would have assumed that migrants to this English speaking country should have sufficient knowledge of English to understand what is a slang without being offended.

I am concerned that we, as a nation are being forced by a “politically correct police” to abandon parts of our language to satisfy wishes of minority of migrants. Where is this going to stop? Do any other nation have similar requirements? One reason why HItler was able to get away with his mad policies was that his followers didn’t have a sense of humour. Had they treated his speeches as a joke of a bloke with moustache instead of wild applause he probably would have faded into a joke book.

Unless we make a stand against this politically correct rubbish being fed to us we may finish as a nation without humour. This would be a real disaster.

Joe Kadane
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Can somebody explain?

October 15th, 2011

Could someone please explain!

I always thought that “on the rocks” was a drink until we got this Federal Labour government. Very little to choose between Victorian State opposition and their Federal counterpart. Climate change was the new religion after the socialist utopia collapsed. Under Labour the desalination plant was commenced costing the State billions of dollars so far, for what purpose?

Today Herald-Sun pictures overflow water from Lake Eildon . All other water storages are at full. Certainly a welcome news indeed. However what happened to our misguided desalination plant? Even if no water is needed it will require millions of dollars to keep it operational – just in case! Now when a war was declared on carbon pollution and Hazelwood power station is a target for closing, where is the electric power coming from?   Will it mean power restrictions in order to feed useless plant in readiness – just in case? What about the costly pipeline? Pumping water to overflowing reservoir?  Can somebody please explain?

Asylum seekers

May 4th, 2011

In spite of excellent articles on the subject of asylum seekers well put by Andrew Bolt, Alan Howe and some journalists, it seems that some of our politicians prefer talk but action is missing. The protest , riots and damage to state property is treated like action of some frustrated individuals. Supported by some do-gooders who have either little else to do or who benefit financially for keeping this issue alive we should take a hard line approach to stem this asylum nonsense. We should widely publicise in the countries from that are the source of asylum seekers, that without identification papers, the escapees could expect long term delays of their applications being processed.

Let me share some personal experience. When I escaped from my native country of Czechoslovakia following the communist coup, LIke many of my fellow countrymen I have been sent of a refugee camp in Regensburg. On arrival I have encountered the harsh realities of refugees’ life. When the meal was about to be served I was told to find somewhere an empty tin. This I did after some searching in the rubbish bins. Having washed the empty tin under the tap I have joined the queue. At this stage I have joked with other camp inmates and patiently waited our turn. The ones who came before me, knew what to expect but I didn’t.

To me it was shock when I reached the head of the queue. Into the tin, I has given a laddlefull of raisins in some watery sauce. In addition I was given two boiled potatoes in skin. Having found a quiet corner I sat down to contemplate my newly found refugee status. Alternatively staring on the tin half filled with raisins and two potatoes clutched in my other hand. No spoon, no cutlery, just drink the rasins from the tin and eat the potatoes. Slowly I came to realize that this is not some type of a joke but a meal that will have to last me till the following day’s breakfast.

One of my virtures is a healthy appetite. This seem to have accompanied me through my life and is at least partly responsible for my present overweight. It is amazing what one can eat and even enjoy when one is hungry. I hoped that perhaps the next day there will be some change in the camp’s diet. I was disappointed. For breakfast we had a cupfull of black liquid which was misnamed as coffee. No suggar, no milk but a slice of bread to go with it. For lunch we had indeed a change. It was one salty herring and two potatoes. The fish was so salty that it was almost unedible. Well, almost.

But when you’re hungry you seem to easily overlook the lack of gourmet dishes and eat what is available. Thus I had one bite of fish followed by a bite of potatoe. Evening meal was the same as previous day. Rasins with potatoes. At least the first day one can joke about it all. However as the days gone by, the smile gradually dissappears from your face and you slowly resign yourself to your fate.

Many years later I have often thought about establishing a camp for overweight ladies serving them menu a’la Regensburg. Satisfaction would be absolutely guaranteed – Gloria Marshall – eat your heart out! If I compare our life in the refugee camps with that of some boat refugees I start to wonder. Some of these illegal refugees caused a riot because the food served to them in Western Australia detention camp “didn’t have the proper taste they were used to!” Myself and all my fellow camp inmates would have gladly accepted the food being served to illegal migrants in Australia’s detention camps, served on plates and eating in civilized manner. Luxuries such as T.V.s, computer rooms taken for granted didn’t exist.

After some fourteen days in Regensburg, my body was getting weaker. I was going out for walks, outside the camp but sometimes I felt so weak from hunger, that I had to rest, leaning against building walls. The refugees camp in Regensburg was not a five star Hilton. In fact the only stars one could see were in the sky. There was another danger within the camp walls. There were some members of the Czechoslovak intelligence service who “escaped” from the country and whose task it was to find out from genuine refugees how they have managed to cross the border and who assisted them.

Some of these agents were not very skilled in the art of intelligence. They have tried to approach every new arrival and by asking direct questions soon gave the game away. After several days they seem to have suddenly disappeared and no doubts crossed back to Czechoslovakia to report to the inteligence authorities. Their activities were not very successful because the escapes continued and genuine refugees were warned by people who assisted them about dangers to disclose details of their escapes.

As the camp became swollen from influx of other refugees, the powers to be decided there was really a time for change. We were taken to the railway station and sent to a new camp. This was located some 90 km from a town of Fulda east of Frankfurt A/Mainz. The camp was called Wegscheide.This was certainly a great improvement on the previous camp. The buildings were formerly occupied by units of the American Army. It was clean, four beds to a room and unlike Regensburg, where sleeping accomodation consisted of long halls reminding me of aircraft hangars this was a vast improvement.The food in the Muenster camp consisted of similar combination like the one in the old Regensburg days. Salty herrings and boiled potatoes. I was dreaming that one day I will catch up with this dietary genius who designed such combination and commit a murder! At least we had plates and not tins from which to eat. Sometimes we were served macarroni with an odd piece of stewing steak. I had a feeling that we were being conditioned for our life in the U.K. After 2 years ( In 1950 ) I made Australia my home.

To compare the life I and many other fellow countrymen have gone through the life of present date asylum seekers is a luxury. They should be grateful for having ample food supplied on regular basis, air conditioned accommodation and other facilities they never had in their own countries. But if they are not happy let us offer them one important freedom – go back to the country you came from!

Justice in sentencing

January 11th, 2011

Everytime a particular crime increases the government announces it will legislate for increase in penalties. Most people consider this action as a heep of rubbish. It’s not the maximum penalties already on the statute books we need to be concerned with, but the enforcement of those already existing.. What we need is the mandatory sentencing. Yet this is something our judiciary and many parliamentarians are affraid more then even death and taxes. They feel that if a mandatory sentence is applied, somehow their power will be taken away. If mandatory sentencing ( fines ) can be applied to traffic violations why not to apply same to a child molester, rapist or a violent thug?

The daily papers are full of cases where the offenders get away by small fine, a good behaviour bond or some community service. The public is sick and tired of these types of punishments that are being handed down by the majority of our judiciary.

But we would have to be serious to alter the present state of affairs. No use to keep appointing lawyers who defended crooks since leaving the university and are known for their left wing leanings to the bench. Old habits die hard! Anyone one who can change the present unsatisfactory state of affairs will go down in history as a saint! I hope that words of Robert Clark that “ We need to put justice back into sentencing” are not just words only!

Solar crazy

December 20th, 2010

Does it add up?

Being carried away by Federal Government’s solar energy spiel I have decided to give it a go. After all the incentive was $ 8000 freebie. Not often do you get such generous offer from the Government!  I have lodged the application with one of the installer companies on 27th. August 2009 together with a cheque to the value of $ 800 to cover the cost of “installation” . The company has lodged the application with the Department of Environment and approval was given by letter addressed to us by the Goverment Solar Homes and Communications Plan of Canberra. The letter informed us that $ 8000 has been pre-approved.

The installation was carried out on 24th. December 2009,  four months after the lodgement of the application. The unit installed was: “1KW SUNNY BOY SMA 6 PANELLS” manufactured in Germany. It is the smallest system you can buy to receive the maximum rebate. What is the rebate? For those technicaly minded e.g.1020 watts with daily output (kWh 8.0 peak and 4.0 average.

Before the solar system was installed my electricity bill totalled $ 183.70 for 3 months (October, November,December ).After the installation my electricity bill for the same period increased to $ 409.11
for 3 calendar months (January, February, March ) an increase of $ 225.41!

From the date of installation for the first 10 months, the total solar rebate was $ 112.27 e.g. $ 11.23 per calendar month or $ 134,76 per annum! At that rate the solar rebate would take some 6 years to recover my installation investment of $ 800. For Government to offset its “contribution” of $ 8000 based on above figures it would take some 59 years to recoup their investment without taking into acount any interest!

This brings me to ask a question. Is such large investment justified? Firstly, it is doubtfull that the solar panels will last that long and secondly I may not be around to witness the break-even date. I have questioned the low electricity rebate with the installers and been assured that installation was done in a correct way and if not satisfied I should contact the ombudsman. I understand that installing company had numerous complaints of similar nature.

Yet we have so called “experts” still trying to convince us that SOLAR is the answer. Economically it is a crazy idea born in the heads of overpaid and underworked bureacrats trying to justify their existence.

Education revolution

May 31st, 2010

Subject: Education revolution ?

Why is our Deputy Prime Minister so obsessed with the “education revolution”? What has revolution to do with education? Does this word remind her glorious days of Marxism now confined to trash heap of history? Or does the “revolution” mean the overthrow the existing education system, turning it upside down, for some ideological reasons that are not fully explained? To us of the older generation, revolution means street mob marching with red banners and yelling abuse at the non-participating humanity.To mix this with education simply doesn’t make sense. We don’t want to bring our economy and our education system to the level of economic basket case of Greece.

According to an interview with Mr. Stefanos Manos, M.P., economist, MBA Harvard graduate, former Minister for Industry and architect of Greece privatisation and well known public figure, a founder of political party Drasi. Mr. Manos highlighted some policies that brought his country on the verge of economic bankruptcy.

Teachers in that country form the largest section of public servants. In the first and second grade there are some four times as many teachers as in Finland. Prime Minister Papandreau under pressure of Euro zone members claims to reduce overall expenditure yet at the same time he announced that additional 7000 teachers will be hired. At present there are some 80.000 more that required. The result is lower not higher standard of education. Recently it was disclosed that on small island of Anglos Efstratios there is school with 40 teachers but only 10 pupils. What are the excess teachers doing? They cannot be sacked their permanency is guaranteed for life. “Education revolution” indeed! Standard of education cannot be increased by throwing billions of dollars under a guise of “revolution” or otherwise. In Greece teachers are not the only ones in the public sector on a gravy train.

There are hundreds of similar examples such as redundant pilots, who are paid 14000 euros per monthly for doing nothing The managing director of Greece Telekom stated that he needs 12000 employees to run the service efficiently instead of 25000. The government didn’t want for political reasons sack excess employees and thus it made them an offer. Everyone who agrees with redundancy will be paid a compensation of 200.000 euros. It is worth reminding Margaret Thatcher’s motto: “The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”!

Date to celebrate!

February 5th, 2010

I am rather surprised to read Mr. Henry Atkinson front page article (Knox Journal 27.1.10) stating that for him Australia Day is the day of sadness. I wonder why? I doubt that any other minority was so pampered and given so many privileges anywhere in the world as the Australian aborigines. Prof. Atkinson claims that Aborigines  have lived here for 75.000 years with their “culture and religion.”  From time to time we read that  4000 years, then 40.000 years and now 75.000 years was the time of Aboriginals living on this continent. Such claim could hardly be proven. It depends on the imagination of the author. 

It appears that only the Aboriginal activists can use free speech to the full. Nobody dares to contradict them regardless how stupid and childish claims they advance, for fear of being branded a racist – for the rest of us, free speech is O.K. but “tolerance is strongly recommended”!

However, it would not have removed any guilt complex on the part of some leading politicians. The aboriginal people in 1993 constituted some 1.5% of the total population. Yet they already had title to, or reserves for more than 14% of Australia’s land area. We cannot afford the luxury of two sets of laws; one for the aboriginal community and the other for the rest of the population. I believe that the aborigines should be treated the same as all other Australians. The very moment you introduce laws that create a priviledged class out of a small minority, whether you like it or not, you are creating  aparthaid in this country.

Federal Court hearing of the Yorta Yorta claim was held later in October 1996 under the shade of gum trees in Barmah Forest. This is rather unusual, because apart from Aboriginal claims, the rest of the community who will want to have their day in court must do so at the court’s own patch – in a court building. Apart from the additional costs involved, in setting up court’s fascilities in the bush setting, it highlights the special priviledges given to the Aboriginal claimants that are not given to anybody else.

Do you know what is so tragic? That every person or average intelligence who would dismiss such claims as childish or plain stupid, would be immediately attacked as a racist. This has nothing to do with giving Aboriginals a “fair go”, but all to do with unthinking politicians who have allowed this matter to get completely out of hand.

A Bill introduced by Mr. Michael Duffy provided two year prison sentence for “racial incitement”. This Bill became law and is known as “1995 Racial Hatred Act” is so draconian as to stiffle a free speech in this country. This law was prompted by a recommendations from three major reports – by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, the Royal Commission into Black Death in Custody and the Australian Law Reform Commission and was one of the last infamous pieces of legislation passed in the dying days of the Labor Government.

Since 1987 miners have paid about $ 250 million in royalties ( approx. $ 34 million per year). In N.T. one company alone, Ranger Uranium at Jabiru paid $ 110 million since 1980. Where does this money go? 40% of it goes to four Land Councils, 30% goes to Aboriginal organisations and the rest for the benefit of NT Aborigines

Aborigines, so we are told by some frustrated social engineer, have been in this country for some 40000 years. He was not satisfied with a mere 4.000 years B.C. but he added a zero to the end and before he had time explaining that he was only joking, this claim which cannot be scientifically proven was accepted by the community at large. There is no evidence of any cultural achievement by the aboriginal people apart from some primitive rock paintings, dances and customs. This is claimed to be a cultural heritage and Aboriginal culture.

The truth would be that while number of Aboriginal tribes roamed freely over this country prior to white settlement, they didn’t have even the most elementary living standards such as hygiene, education, housing or industry. They could not write or read like members of other civilisations. It is not a racist statement to say, that without the white man settlement, the Aborigines would continue to live in the same primitive tribal conditions that existed at the time when the white settlers arrived. Perhaps time has come for our politicians to call a halt to such stupid claims and call a spade a bloody shovel.

The Leader of the National Party, Mr. Tim Fischer while addressing a conference of business leaders in Perth on 23rd. Sept.93 stated that “There never seem to be any sense of acknowledgement or sense that the money received comes from the sweat on the brow of hard-working, tax-paying Australians across our great country.” 

Mr. Patrick Dodson presented his wish list to the Federal Government in March 1995 containing almost two hundred demands. The most glaring ones are a request giving official recognition to the Aboriginal flag and Torres Strait Inslander flag, shifting of Australia Day because 26th. January is not acceptable to the ingenious Australians and guarateed number of seats in the Federal Parliament.

Some of these demands served on the Federal Government did receive almost immediate attention. One was the decision to accord an official recognition to the Aboriginal flag. As from 14th. July 1995 it will be considered on equal footing as an official flag of this country. From rag to flag. Mind boggles on the outcome.

When our athletes compete overseas, will it mean that on Australia’s flagpole there will be two flags hoisted? Certainly it would be unique and confuse those attending to no end. Would perhaps the Aboriginal flag in the interest of political correctness and in order not to offend our Aboriginal brethern be placed above our national flag? 

I wonder why in a country which still claims to be a land of free speech anyone who dares to question even remotely the wisdom of giving the Aboriginal people everything they ask for, should be immediately attacked and ridiculed.

There are several other interesting points to remember. Some Aboriginals are are talking openly about sovereignity over these vast areas of the country that they expect to come under their control. We have seen lessons in many “independent” countries of Africa. Their leaders fight to establish independence from the white rulers and once they succeed, run with outstreched arms to the former rulers begging for aid to keep their economy from collapsing and their people starving to death. There is no independence in the true sense, if the nation is depended on economic support to make its citizens stay alive.

Mr. Kennett continued: “I received a letter last week from a section of the Aboriginal community claiming the whole of the State of Victoria for Aboriginal ownership, and that is, quite obviously outside even the broadest interpretation of the Mabo scheme.” How this claim by the Aboriginal community is going to be followed only time will tell. But here we have the Mabo exposed for all its absurdity. They simply want the whole State, lock, stock and barrel!

Our frustrated social engineer was not satisfied with a mere 4.000 years B.C. he added a zero to the end and before he had time explaining that he was only joking, this claim which cannot be scientifically proven was accepted by the  community at large. There is no evidence of any cultural achievement by the aboriginal people apart from some primitive rock paintings, dances and customs. This is claimed to be a cultural heritage and Aboriginal culture.

What was the response of our politicians? Of course they did act. In April 1995 the so-called “Aboriginal Tent Embassy” was officially added to Australia’s national heritage list alongsite such sites as Sydney Harbour Bridge and Great Barrier Rief! Thus this “tent embassy” which was considered to be an eyesore in front of the Parliament House, which makes a laughing stock of so-called “aboriginal culture”,  was officially added to the Register of the National Estate!

Australian Heritage Commission chairwoman Ms. Wendy McCarthy, said that the site’s historic value to Aboriginal people dated back thousands of years. So here we have it! Canberra was discovered thousands of years ago by the Aboriginals. What a nonsense, what a distorsion of history. No wonder that our children being tought this stupid rubbish in our schools must be confused!
The Aboriginals continue to claim that our ancestors stole their land and attempted to destroy the Aboriginal race.. Aboriginal activist, Michael Mansell has said publicly that any separate Aboriginal state must initially be funded by the taxpayers of Australia until it reaches a self-supporting stage. No wonder that many Australians feel alarmed, intimidated and even angry about such statements 

Back on 9.2.88 Mr. Hugh Morgan has spoken against the ” guilt industry”. It took several years to recognise that his predictions were true. In his speech Mr. Morgan attacked Australians for assuming guilt and shame for injustices against Aboriginals. He said that the policy of appeasement would lead to the handing over to Aboriginals  big part of Australia, probably the Northern Territory. 

He said that a new and lucrative industry was created – the guilt industry. He continued: “My description of the Aborigines as primitive nomadic tribespeople will cause apoplexy in many circles. It is important, if the psychology of the guilt industry is to work, that Aboriginals should be described and accepted as “noble savages” living in harmony with nature, free of the faults and failings of ordinary men and women. But of course, this idea of Aboriginals is a phantasy.

We may ask why further cash compensation should be provided in addition to these vast concessions given to the Aborigines? With the land at present under their control representing 14.2% of Australian land mass a further 12.5% being the Crown land  will be given to them. Thus 1.43% of the population of this country will control 26.7% of the total area of Australia. Certainly it will make them the riches landowners in the world. Why then the additional hundreds of millions over 20 years would be provided to them? As I have said earlier. The date of 19th. October 1993 will go down in history where the future generations of Australians  will be required to pay this open handed I.O.Y.’s.

On 12th. February 1999 there was a two sentense report in the Herald Sun that “the Aborigines have signed over all the land needed for the proposed Adelaide to Darwin railway in return for a $ 10 million compensation package.The land is 100 meters wide and 1385 km long”. In these two sentenses we can see why Aboriginals are so keen to get the Government recognise that there were past custodians of this country. If the Government  agrees to it, we could expect a flood of new claims for every stretch of land that may be selected for development, regardless how vital or essential service may be at stake. They will demand their pound of flesh.

In 1998/99 Federal budget the Government has provided $ 1.93 billion for Aborigines. Any reasonable person would think that this is just about enough. But like little children, some of the Aboriginal leaders will never be satisfied. Not before the whole continent is handed to them, lock stock and barrel.


Danish fiasco

December 21st, 2009

I am not very found to quote President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus. Sometimes he can be a hard headed individual but this time he hit the nail on the head. Long time a global warming sceptic, in an interview with American T.V. Fox News, Klaus described global warming as a new religion not a science. He stated that after many years of study of so-called warming climate he concluded that humanity should not be forced to live based on an irrational ideology which he sees as a product of political correctness.

Klaus believes that human inventiveness and new technological advancement will moderate any effect of slight global warming. This new religion is simply an escapism from present day problems. Instead of resolving  present crisis let’s debate how the world will be like or should be like in 2050, 2080, 2200. Instead let some misguided politicians  dictate us how we should live, what we should do and how we should behave.

Let us ask a question. Can any Prime Minister and his army of advisors predict with any degree os certainty how world would be like in one or two hundred years time? How could they possibly do that? They know as well as we do that none of us will be around to tell them “we told you so”. After all we cannot even make a weather forecast for next day with any degree of certainty!

Before Parliament adjourned we were told that it was a matter of life and death to get the legislation on ETS. Pass it now to avoid a catastrophe Senate was told. Now after the fiasco of Copenhagen we can see a folly of what was proposed. Thus our Government should proceed more slowly in taking future decisions that would land us all in extra taxes without any benefits.

Before this new religion has taken over from the discredited communist philosophy, the masses were told to slave hard because somewhere beyond the rainbow a happy future awaits them all. We have seen the result. Let’s not repeat the history. Politicians are not always right!

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark!

December 16th, 2009

In my “Common Sense” letter 25.11.09 I have warned against mad rush by our Government to pass ETS legislation prior to Copenhagen meeting. We should be elated that the Senate in its wisdom put at least a temporary stop on this ill considered legislation. Had the Bill been approved Mr. Rudd and Senator Wong would be charging as white knights to this Copenhagen talkfest , committing Australian taxpayers to an annual handout of some $ 70 billion.

Now we find that cool heads of so called “rich countries” are not prepared to sign on the dotted line in a hurry and to underwrite ever increasing demands by developing nations that would create a bottomless pit.

There is no price for being first to sign up while other major polluters would simply laugh at us as suckers.

Common sense.

November 25th, 2009

I would like our politicians to explain how they can possibly justify  the cost to Australian taxpayers of this ETS scheme. It is estimated that based on the present GNP figures we would be saddled with a minimum annual bill of $ 70 billion. What will happen if the main polluter countries such as USA, China, India and Brazil opt not to sign? Yet our Prime Minister in an indecent haste to be world’s number one, commits this country to such extraordinary cost while the rest of the world would be laughing on us as suckers. There is no escape clause in the agreement. Once it is signed we are saddled with it forever.

If our politicians are determined to go ahead regardless, let them at least incorporate an escape clause making it subject  to other major polluters being in it. Or better still why not to take a lead from United States Senate and delaying decision until after Copenhagen? There is no gold medal at stake Mr. Rudd.

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